Friday, May 15, 2009

Mothers in Law Writing Prompt

Another writing prompt.

What about that other mother in your life? Your mother in law. Is she a monster? A peach? Give me 10 minutes on your MIL.


susan lieberman said...


My google alert is set to "mother-in-law" which is how I tripped into your literate and interesting site. As an avid fiction reader, I was delighted to find two books I've just downloaded to my kindle, thanks to you. But I'm writing for a different reason I have a book, THE MOTHER-IN-LAW'S MANUAL, that has just been released. It is for MILs and about MILs and the early feedback from them has been great but I'm also hearing from younger women that it turns out to be helpful for them.

I"m proud of the book and eager to share it as it is what I had to learn to be a good mother-in-law. I were Queen of All, I would have every groom give it to his mom (or maybe, more likely, every about to be bride would hand it to her finance to give to his mother as preventive medicine.) Since you are interested in mothers-in law, I want toknow about the book. You can read the first chapter as well as other stuff at

I can't give you 10 minutes on my mother in law but if my perspective having talked with dozens of MILS can be useful, I'm on it.
Susan Lieberman

linda may said...

G'Day, As this is an old prompt by you i don't know if you will find this, but I thought I would join in anyway. Cathartic.
My Mil started out o.k with me, then I guess she realized I was the one to take her boy away and when she lost his twin sister she made me her whipping boy.She did so many bitchy things tpo me and he couldn't see it, he loved his Mum. Well rightly so, but I never tried to cut her out of his life just be another part of it.
She waited until I was doing really well on a diet and losing weight then brought me a big tin of butter shortbread, I sat down and cried and ate the lot. He said how nice she was.She teased my beloved old dog until it hated her then told me I should get rid of it as it was vicious.I gave her some perfume for her birthday that I took great care in choosing to try to give something I thought was nice and she gave it back to me for my birthday just a month and a half later in the same wrapper but with new sticky tape over the bits that were torn. She came and took my washing off the line while I was away and inspected and commented on it, Peter said how nice that she helped. She sat on my lounge many times with her son and completely cut me out of their conversation.
Ahhh I could go on how this woman treated me and the bitchy things that have happened over the years. But what is the use. I am still in his life and over the last 2 or so years she has gotten better. She actually came for a week last year after we moved here and we got along fine, maybe she accept me now.One thing for certain though I have never attempted to come between my husband and his family even though there have been lots of times I have withdrawn myself from his family gatherings for the sake of my own sanity.He needs and loves his family and I wouldn't do that to him.
I just hope that my experience stops me from ever treating my children's partners badly. I hope I always have the fore sight to stop myself from ever coming between them.